My name is ryan & i'm a nerd
perhaps a nerd you might need

I have over 15 years of experience in all things tech.
Below I break down what my skills are, how I use them, & examples.

My website work

Other than the website right in front of you, I have a couple pieces I have created. Learn about my web developing stories & projects.

Android Development

I have created over 100 small Android things. Check out my what I have contributed to over the past few years.

My Interests & Hobbies

Come with me on my lifelong journey to capture all things beautiful. Get a few pieces of my graphic design artwork in the process. This is my blog to help keep friends & family updated. Feel free to check in on my life here.

Things I excel at

Over the pest few years I have driven myself to learn as I go. That being said, one of the most important things in the tech business is having an abundance of knowlage in a lot of different categories. What comes with that is the challenge of keeping up with new things. It's probably something that doesn't sound apealing, which is why you would come to someone like me. Here are some of the skills I have aquired other than the standard programs such as word, excel & power point, etc;.

  • Graphic Design

    My favorite thing to do is design beautiful things. Adobe Photoshop is where that is easiest. I have over 15 years experience. I also design in other programs such as CorelDraw, After Effects, InDesign, & Illustrator.

  • Web Design

    Designing web sites is exciting. It usually means a new business is popping up. Not my greatest strength, but I'm still learning! I code in Adobe DreamWeaver where I am pretty fluent in most languages. Languages such as CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, & more.

  • Android Dev

    One of my latest adventures was learning apps. It's just more code in a different form. I use Android Studio to design, test, and publish apps. Android phones come in all sorts of shapes & sizes. It's helped progress my understanding of creating code to look great on all screens.

  • Sign Tech

    No, I am not a print shop, it's my day job. I work for a local distributorship, printing signs for the market. Printing to small & large format printers & cutter plotters created a bigger understanding for the design process. For example; file compatability, bleed margins, etc;.

  • Personal Passions

    I was a student of music straight out of high school. Playing drums in a local band at a few bars around town. We even went on a few small tours in the pacific Northwest. Music is still a passion of mine that inspires me on a daily basis. Music is love.

  • Hobbies

    Stepping away from the computer from time to time helps me stay creative. Living in Oregon makes that easy already with beautiful scenery right outside my front door. I like to hike & play disc golf year round. These are great things to do to help me focus.

Get in touch with ryan

Send an email! Ask questions or tell me good work on the website. Links to social media site are below.